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Flat Roof Installation/ Replacement/ Repair in Lawrenceville and metro Atlanta area

Flat roofs are a popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings. A flat roof installation can significantly improve the look, strength, and durability of your building if you choose the right contractor to work with from conceptualization through completion.

Flat roofs can be a great addition to any building, but it’s not always an easy decision. Many styles of flat roofing are excellent for new housing projects or roofing replacement projects, whereas other, such as metal and rubber, have benefits in large commercial buildings but may prove problematic in smaller residential homes due to their inherent vulnerability to leaks.

Choosing the right flat roofing system

It is absolutely necessary to understand the difference between roofing materials to make an informed decision when it comes to flat roofing installation, replacement or roofing repair.

When it comes to choosing a roofing type, there are many things that business owners need to consider. Every material has its pros and cons; for example, foam roofs have longevity but PVC is more cost effective. We want each client’s experience with us from beginning (choosing the right materials) all the way through the completion of their new flat roof so we’re upfront about what you should expect before making your final decision!

We have all the experience and equipment that will work with you to protect your flat roof system for years to come.

Consider not just what kind of material is on top, but also how well it protects from weather damage. With our expertise in both maintenance and repairs, we can help you keep up a strong defense against water damage caused by rain or hail as soon as possible so there are no worries when those storms come around again!

A note on terminology:

What is flat roofing?

Flat Roofing

Why choose a flat roofing system?

Single-ply systems are the preferred option of many building owners thanks to their easy availability and relatively low cost, which is made possible by factory production. Single-ply options come in a variety of colors that have different reflective properties depending on whether they’re white or black. White single-ply materials let off less heat since they reflect light back into space while black ones absorb more sunlight; this can cause an uncomfortable rise in temperatures inside buildings with these installed as well as shorten its lifespan due to increased wear over time.

Thing you need to keep in mind when considering your choice of a flat roof is what type will work best with all aspects of your project

You can choose from a variety of materials

size considerations (larger structures require different materials than small ones)

Match your roof to the style of your building

location (some areas have more extreme weather conditions which could affect material selection)

Find out how a new roof can increase curb appeal to potential buyers

Get only high quality, long-lasting solutions for your flat roof needs

Improved energy performance

cost factors (different prices vary widely depending on where you live).

Reduced maintenance requirements

Less expensive installation costs

Things You Should Know About Flat Roofs

Benefits of Flat Roofs

Roofs are an important factor when considering the energy efficiency of a home. A flat roof is one option that provides solar reflective and energy efficient characteristics for your home’s exterior, enhancing its presence on any property or surrounding landscape.

Flat roofing materials are generally recyclable which is helpful because it reduces waste by keeping these materials out of landfills for longer periods than what would be expected otherwise

Flat roofs are durable and last for decades. The durability of flat roofing membranes has been proven over time, with many lasting up to 30-40 years on average depending upon the type installed. This longevity is why most experts recommend investing in a quality product for your new home construction or reroofing project if you’re looking at this option as a possible solution that will sustain its value long term while providing peace of mind knowing it won’t have any major repairs soon after installation

Flat roofs are weather resistant. Snow, ice, wind, fire or rain are not a problem for them

The hot air welded seams of flat roof system are water proof. Hot air welded seams are the best way to ensure safety from leaks on flat roof systems!

The water-proofing properties of PVC and TPO roofing systems is a great benefit in regions where it rains often. The waterproof seams help keep your property protected from leaks that can lead to mold infestations or structural damage.

Flat Roofing
Flat Roof
flat roofing Lawrenceville
flat roofing Lawrenceville

Disadvantages of Flat roofs

Flat roofs constructed from EPDM roofing membrane are particularly susceptible to leaking at the seams.

Exterior penetrations can cause leaks without proper flashing work. This includes pipes and other HVAC equipment that penetrate flat roofs. Exterior penetrations are a major source of water infiltration in buildings as they often do not have an external protective barrier;

Building a flat roof requires highly trained expert installation and the right type of equipment.

We Install These Types of Flat Roofs

Built-up roofing (BUR)

A BUR roof is an economical choice for roofs, but with time the weight of its materials can become a mess and expense.

This type of material cannot compete with more modern flat roofing options in terms of low maintenance, lightweight or durability.

Tar paper and asphalt drive are put in layers to the top of your home in this antique flat roof treatment. For enhanced durability, the gravel or reflective coating is meant to reduce heat gain during hot seasons.

With each passing season, more felt and coatings will need to be reapplied as needed to retain a good look throughout time!

What is a Flat Roof Coating?

Instead of rebuilding a full flat roof, many businesses and homeowners will choose for a coating job. The roof coating gives an added layer of protection to your existing roof structure, extending the life of your current one by many years.

Because it preserves roofs in good shape, this technology has been highly popular in recent years for extending the life of a commercial roofing system. There is no need to be concerned about damage from natural heating or cooling during different seasons if coatings that expand and contract with other materials used on rooftops as climate changes.

Reflective roof coatings are eco-friendly and can help you save a lot of money on your energy bills. They also make it simple to help lower your carbon footprint, which is a great approach to be more environmentally friendly!

Your building roof is experiencing a lot of foot traffic? If so, modified bitumen might be a perfect choice. This material has been strengthened with layers like fiberglass and polyester to make it tear-resistant. Modified bitumen will provide your commercial or industrial facility some extra strength as well as reduce maintenance costs over time due to its resistance from tearing!

The best thing about the modified bitumen roofing is that it comes in 3-ft wide rolls, so there’s no need to worry about awkwardly bending and folding over large pieces. The seams are also easily sealed; just a little adhesive will do the trick. This reflective coating makes for a durable surface that reflects heat back into space without absorbing too much of its own energy – making your building more comfortable year round!

EPDM is the perfect material for any flat roof. It comes in large rolls and can be applied over clean substrates to seal them from leaks.

The rubber material is glued to the roof substrate and adjacent EPDM sections.

The recycled rubber roofing membrane is a unique product that comes in thicknesses between 45mm and 90mm. It’s created from recycled slate, tires, and sawdust. The rolls come with overlapping sheets for easy installation, which ensures your building will stay insulated all year round.

EPDM is the material of choice for people that need a durable, long-lasting roofing membrane. EPDM’s resistance to UV rays can keep your building cooler in the summer and warmer in wintertime; it resists corrosion from acids or alkalis so you don’t have to worry about any leaks through bad weather (except hail), and its abrasion resistance means those pesky nail heads won’t scratch up your new shingle installation!

The dark color of an EPDM roof can absorb a tremendous amount of heat, so it’s vital that roofs have reflective top coatings on them in order to prolong their life and reduce cooling costs. Alternatively, you may choose to pay extra for an EPDM membrane with a white top layer that reflects heat from the sun during hot days instead of absorbing it as other roofing materials do.

What are some of the cons of EPDM versus other types of flat roof materials?

Rubber roofing is not the kind of project that you can do yourself. The process, even for many professionals in this field, isn’t easy to master. While installation may be less complicated than other types of roofs like modified bitumen with fewer steps and lower risk overall there are some details where it’s important to pay attention or else disaster could ensue.

The inexperienced installer will often miss problem areas on roofs, like around vents and pipes that require special attention. These problem areas are most likely to cause minor leaks or for the roofing membrane not to pass inspections from manufacturers which can mean it won’t be covered under warranty.

It’s critical that you get a reliable professional roofing company with experience in installing EPDM roofs correctly, as this is not an easy system to install, and doing so incorrectly could potentially lead to leaks or major damage down the line.

EPDM is manufactured in black and white. Homeowners generally find these colors unattractive for their homes, so there are acrylic coatings that can change the color of EPDM material to match any desired hue on a whim without sacrificing its durability or other qualities associated with it like flexibility.

PVC roofing is made of a durable, moisture-proof material that can withstand the worst weather the same plastic material used in plumbing pipes. PVC is a flexible, long-lasting roofing product that is both affordable and durable. PVC may be treated to make unique products with great properties and performance, making it the ideal material for any project! This environmentally friendly product easily stands up to heavy rain and hail storms without leaking being mostly used in larger commercial jobs!

PVC roofing is known for its natural shade of white. This means that it’s not necessary to add a coating or extra treatment in order to have an efficient light reflector.

TPO is a newer roofing material that has become popular recently. TPO comes in different sizes and shapes, making it possible to use the product on many types of roofs.

The type of underlayment a roof is built on can make all the difference in predicting its lifespan. TPO roofs generally have an average life span between 25-30 years but this number jumps to over 40 when installed atop clean substrates with no previous material or debris like asphalt shingles and old boards beneath it.

TPO roofing panels are made from thermoplastic polyolefin (a synthetic plastic) – making them lightweight yet sturdy enough for any climate condition thanks to their UV protection coatings that help guard against fading colors as well as degradation by sun exposure and extreme temperatures.

TPO is a roofing material that can save you time and money. It will work for any type of buildings, from rooftops to chimneys! TPO roofs have all the benefits: durability, reflective qualities, affordability, and ease-of-installation.

Glues, mechanical fasteners, or heat welders can all be used to install it. The surface will need to be cleaned and prepped prior to installation–it cannot go over any existing roofs like EPDM or PVC does because the adhesive would not bond properly on top of old surfaces.

TPO tends to cost less than other materials, but it doesn’t have a proven track record in performance just yet either!

The benefits of TPO Roofs

Durable, Flexible and Versatile
100% recyclable
Strong against denting or punctures 
It’s easier to install
Reflects the suns energy reducing the energy costs and AC costs
No risk of fire on installation
No increased insurance costs on installation
Impact resistant
No costly repairs necessary after bigger storms
They are cheaper than other material
Lower cost of maintenance
Lower labor costs on installation
It’s eco friendly
Reduces the building energy use

EPDM vs. Modified Bitumen vs TPO

Bitumen, a staple in the roofing world since the 1960s and replacement of old BUR (built-up roofs), has advantages over other materials: it can take more abuse than any other material which is good for high-traffic areas. The downside to this however is that if there’s an installation error with a blowtorch, then you’re looking at quite some trouble.

Installation errors mean more seams and an uglier-looking roof. More foot traffic means mod bit can stand up better, but it’s very rarely perfectly installed by professionals which leads to a shorter life expectancy (more leaks) and even more repair work needed.

Modified bitumen is extremely durable, with a life expectancy of over 20 years without needing a lot of maintenance. It was extremely good waterproofing properties and a variety of methods of installations but for durability, the most used installation method is the hot processing. It is a flexible material so cold weather will not affect it so no cracks

Mod bit is messy, smells bad, and makes it difficult to find the source of leaks down the line. With modified bitumen, there’s always a risk that you’ll burn your building down due to the hot method of installation, which would lead to higher insurance premiums. It doesn’t stand up well against ponding water either!

After tear down, it talks a long time to decompose so it’s not considered a green material.

No roof is perfectly leveled so the water sits on the rooftop for a long period of time. This can cause damage to the flat roofs.

EPDM is a great option for ponding water. It’s easy to install, stands up well against the pressure, and has an incredibly long lifespan – but not as much foot traffic resistance or durability when compared with Modified Bitumen. However, this can be quickly solved by installing ballast systems that have walking pads installed on them so you don’t create any more wear and tear than necessary!

TPO for comparison with modified bitumen is an excellent choice when it comes to roofing. With a one-ply system, TPO can often be considered the ‘green’ option because of its ability to cover over older roofs and not add any extra weight or thickness. One key thing that you should know about installation with single-ply systems like this are seams; make sure your contractor knows how they go down so no water leaks in from them later on!

The reason to make sure TPO is installed properly is because one of the most common causes for early failure is wind getting underneath the non-sealed middle areas of sheets and causing catastrophic failures.

TPO was found to be resistant against tears, chemical spills, and grease. This makes it the perfect choice for use around any commercial or residential building. In addition to this property, it also features UV resistance which means you can spend less on heating costs during those chilly winter days.

When you need to replace an old flat roof, SPF technology lets a contractor spray on high-density foam that acts as both sealant and insulation. The cured layer can even protect against leaks around vent stacks without the use of any hot tar or other messy materials.

SPF technology is a new, innovative solution to old roof problems. It allows contractors not only to seal leaks and gaps in the roof but also creates an insulating layer on top of it as well! SPF roofing can save building owners from the hassle and expense of tearing off an old flat roof. Once cured, the foam is coated with a sealant that protects against ultraviolet degradation to keep it going strong for as long as possible.

Increase Your Flat Roof’s Lifespan

Extending the life of your building is one of the most difficult tasks you can undertake. You’ve made a major step to invest in security by selecting a long-lasting, energy-efficient roofing system; now it’s essential to see it through! For this aim, commercial flat roof repairs are important since they increase the life of systems and protect assets underneath.

The last thing a building owner wants to see is their roof covered in water and mildew. This typically happens when moisture infiltrates the flat roofs, creating pools of standing water that become breeding grounds for bacteria such as mold or algae. Regular inspections can help prevent this

from happening by identifying potential problems early on before they get out of control and extend the lifespan of your roof!

Schedule a flat roof inspection immediately if you haven’t had one in the last few years. Our skilled flat roofing contractors will inspect your building for any problems like:

Lower your risk of water damage to the interior

Get peace of mind by making sure the roof is in good condition

Let our roofing contractor take care of all necessary repairs and make sure it’s done right.

Minimize the risk of a leak when water is pooling

Increase your property value by upgrading to a new roof

Avoid costly repairs on leaks and mold/mildew growth with an inspection today.

Install flat roofing over all types of surfaces

When to Repair Your Flat Roof?

With a well-executed installation, roofs can avoid the costs and dangers of rainwater accumulation. It’s critical to recognize the indicators of damage to your flat roof in order to avoid pricey repairs. Be on the lookout for buckled membranes, flashing that has been damaged by expansion or lose nails, as well as water pooling mentioned above. If you are in need of dependable flat roof service at commercial rates then Advanced Roofing and Remodeling should be contacted today!

Why hire Lawrenceville’s best flat roofing contractor?

Flat roofs are susceptible to the elements. This means that they require more care than other types of roofs like sloped ones because when things go wrong with them they can create costly damages to your property.

Understanding this issue, our company offers quality flat roofing solutions at attractive rates so you don’t have to worry about any extra costs while taking measures against potential disasters. For pricing inquiries on these products please dial (404) 966-3214 now

The success of your roof depends on the expertise and experience of a contractor. A flat roof can last as long, if not longer than its building depending on how well it is installed or repaired by an expert in this field. You want to choose a contractor that works with you from start to finish, beginning at conception through completion so as to achieve quality workmanship for both construction and design purposes.

If you are looking to replace your old, worn-out roofs with one that will stand up for years even after heavy use and frequent exposure to harsh weather conditions from rainstorms or hail, hire the best roofing contractor in Lawrenceville and metro Atlanta area, hire Advanced Roofing and Remodeling.

Our years of experience in all things roofing, combined with our unrelenting dedication to customer service and satisfaction have to lead us to develop a comprehensive approach that covers everything from simply repairing leaks on your flat roof, or installing one for new construction.

We specialize in flat roof repair, restoration, installation, and more to ensure you have a quality product!

We address problems like mold or mildew growth, cracks, water leaks, and water pooling or roof flashing before the issues even arise.

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Flat Roof Service Company: Advanced Roofing and Remodeling is confident in its ability to provide you with high quality flat roofs.

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