New Roofing Installation in Lawrenceville and Metro Atlanta Area

If you’re getting ready for a new roof installation done on your house, I’m sure there are many questions running through your mind.

What if anyone gets hurt during the new roof installation?

How much time does it take to install my new roof?

Is there something that needs to be done before the roofing installation can start?

What should we do once they leave at the end of their shift or day’s worth of work for our new roof install project?

Let me guide you through all these worries with easy to-understand answers as well as some tips from experts in this field.

The benefits of installing a new roof are numerous. It can improve the energy efficiency in your home, and it will give you an opportunity to change colors or styles if desired! And don’t forget about maintenance costs – those roofs last much longer than anything else on your house.

The first step is choosing which roofing contractor you want to do business with for this project: You’ll need 3-5 contractors and get bids from each one; make sure they’re licensed, bonded, insured (which means that they have their own insurance policy), etc.; check reviews online by other people who’ve worked with them before (look on Google, Yelp or BBB) so as not to lose out on any potential pitfalls related to working with incompetent companies.

To be sure you get the best value for your hard-earned cash, make it a point to compare bids. Compare both quality and cost when weighing each bid carefully against one another before making any final decisions or signing anything on the dotted line. Consider what each roofer is providing and if it matches your needs before you make any decisions on which one to use. Estimates should contain details about the scope of work, materials used, and pricing for unexpected work such as rotten sheathing and framing. When it comes to hiring a roofing contractor for your new roof installation, the importance of getting what you pay for should never be underestimated. Do not allow yourself to get tempted by going with the lowest bid as there are many times when this option will leave your roof in worse condition than before and even cause damage to your roof, that is out of our control. Instead, make sure that all aspects about their experience are addressed so they can provide good advice on handling any question or concerns during installation process while also giving great customer service throughout the project’s duration including aftercare services which extends beyond just installing new roofing for your residence but into maintaining them too!

In most cases, there is not a lot that you the homeowner will need to do to prepare for the roof installation. Moving your vehicles out of the way for accessibility and making sure you express any concerns with your roofer are important.

From there the process should look something like this: Your roofing crew will show up and protect anything around the house such as shrubs or finish wood from getting damaged during installation of your new roof. A crew of anywhere from 3-10 people will begin tearing off the existing roof (unless they are performing a roof recovery). This could take anywhere between 4 hours and one day or more depending on how large your house is. If you’re roofing contractor decides that weather conditions might cause some issues with removal, he may choose to tear down sections at a time. Roofing debris should always be placed into a dump truck or container and not all over the ground. Sometimes you will have to place the shingles on the ground first due to lack of accessibility, which is why we recommend that when this happens, request someone lays down a tarp before disposing them. Clean up needs to happen at least once every day in order for it all stay safe and respectful!

The roofing technicians will now check for any damage to the framing and deck. If you’ve had leaks or your old roof, there’s a good chance that some of the roof decking needs replacing! A solid flat roof deck is important – if no, nails are pulled out by strong winds gusts because the roof deck is rotten. A solid flat deck not only keeps shingles from buckling and telegraphing wrinkles through the new system, it also increases the roof’s life expectancy because water is prevented from seeping in. When the roof deck is ready, our technicians will install metal eave and rake, underlayment, and ice shield which help water proof your roof. Your roof is on the verge of being fully shingled and ready to protect you from wind-driven rain. The first course or starter shingles will soon be securely in place! This are the ones installed on the eave and rake edges of the home.

Next, field shingles are installed with overlapping boards that provide protection for your home.

Ensuring your roof has a water-tight shingling system is the most important step you can take in protecting your home. Depending on what type you purchase (3 tab, architectural laminate/composite or presidential style), there are different installation patterns. The ridge cap shingle system will protect for years to come.

Finally, a thorough clean up is performed. All work related debris and nails, staples and other metal fasteners are removed from your property leaving it looking as if nobody was ever there! At this point in most cases you have had a trouble-free roofing experience!

Roofing is an extreme remodel process that can feel a little invasive and may not be perfect, but the end result will definitely be fantastic. Schedule your meeting with your roofing contractor to go over all of the details of the job for peace of mind. Feel free to share any concerns or things which really impressed you about our service as well during your meeting; we want nothing more than for every customer’s project to turn out beautifully!

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