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There is no point of paying more for the solar power than you’ll actually use.

Let’s talk solar 101 and clarify some of these terms to make them easier to understand.

Since first discovered in 1954 solar technology has definitely evolved and had been adopted by over 2 million homes all over the US as they provide an attractive option for many homeowners and businesses as a clean and affordable energy choice.

What is a solar panel for home?

Solar panels for your home mean the solar panel is installed on the roof also called rooftop solar panel. Solar panels save money over time on electricity costs and provide low-carbon, sustainable electricity.

How do solar panels work?

They work very simply:

The cell from the panel absorbs the energy generated by the sunlight during the day, turning it into direct current energy.

This energy is passed through a device called an inverter to convert it to usable alternating current electricity that comes out of your wall outlets.

You can use that electricity in your home, store it with a solar battery or send it back to the grid.

What is the difference between solar for business and a solar system for home use?

While residential solar systems are between 6 and 12 kilowatts on average and they are rooftop solar panels that can generate some real savings to your energy bill with a reasonable investment, commercial solar systems are a major investment and capable to power a town or a company’s operation.

Solar energy or solar power?

Well, this seems to be confusing for some. Basically, solar power is the electricity converted from the sun, while solar energy is more of a generic term that describes the technology that converts the sun into energy.

Rooftop Solar Panel vs Ground Mount Solar Panel

These are the installation methods used to install the panels. They accomplish different goals as some might work for a customer while the other does not. We look at every situation individually and assess the advantages and disadvantages of using one over the other method of installation.

  • Rooftop Mounted Solar Panels are the most common type of installation we use. This means that the racking that holds the panels is installed directly on your roof.
  • With Ground Mounted Solar Panels installation type the panels are secured to a rack that is connected to the ground with steel beams or metal posts

Solar Providers/ Solar Suppliers/ Solar Panel Manufacturer / Solar Installers

  • Solar providers are the companies that provide financing and also do your solar system installation.
  • Solar suppliers are solar equipment distributors. These are the companies that are selling solar panels and equipment to contractors or residential customers.
  • Solar System manufacturers are the ones that produce the physical solar equipment that can be used to install solar system
  • Solar Installers or solar contractors are the ones who will purchase and install the system for you

Off-grid solar system vs on grid solar system

The difference between them is in where you store the energy you generate. Panels only generate energy when the sun is out. With grid tie solar inverter the energy is sent to the utility grid which distributes it to other people in the area and in return you get credits that you can use anytime (ex: at night time when your system does not generate energy).

With off grid solar inverter, you don’t have access to the utility grid so you must find another way to store your energy. A solution for that would be a battery bank.

Solar Array & Solar Wattage
  • Solar array is a collection of multiple solar panels that generate electricity as part of a system = grouping of multiple panels
  • Solar Wattage represents the expected power production of your system in ideal sunlight and temperature condition

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