How long does a new roof take to be installed?

The honest answer is…it depends!

You are in need of a new roof, you figured out the financial part and got several estimates from roofing professionals like Advanced Roofing and Remodeling. I’m sure your next question is how long does a new roof takes to be installed?

This question have several answers based on a few factors like the complexity of the roof, the weather, the time of the year when the replacement is done, accessibility to the roof and the size of the roof.

  • Complexity of the roof
  • Roofing Materials used
  • The House Size
  • Accessibility
  • The weather
  • Time of year
  • Historical Significance of Home
  • Structural Damage

complexity of the roof

Roofs are available in a wide variety of size, shape and colors, that can make installation more difficult. Shallow pitch roofs are easiest for roofers to navigate, but steep pitches are much more complex, posing more risks but allowing for speedier construction.

The quantity and angles of a roof are not the only factors that define its complexity. The length of time it takes to install or replace your shingles is also determined by the pitch of your home, valleys, hips (or lack thereof), and other considerations.

The more complicated roofs take a lot longer to replace than the simple ones. This is due in part because they are cut up with many angles, valleys and hips that make it difficult for contractors to get enough material on top of them as well as working around any obstacles.

The contractor’s safety procedures are also factored into the roof’s complexity. Installers that operate high above the ground have greater space for error and must be especially cautious when working on your home’s roofing project. This leads to longer installation time which can increase costs since it takes up valuable work hours from other jobs that could’ve been done in parallel with yours!

More complicated the roof is, the longer it will take a professional to install it. A simple roof may take one day to install, while a more involved roof may take three days.

how long does a new roof take to be installed in atlanta

Roofing Materials used

Shingles come in a variety of materials. Each material requires its own installation method and time frame, from asphalt shingles which can be installed in one to three days all the way up to concrete tiles which take eight or nine days depending on how many layers are needed for each area you’re covering. We recommend installing your new roof during winter because it will have ample opportunity to dry out before spring’s warmer weather arrives! Metal roofs are also one of the options.

The House Size

Replacing the roof of a large home takes more time than it does for small homes. Replacing the roof on your one-room cabin will take significantly less time in comparison to replacing that estate’s high and expansive rooftop.

Roofers typically price roofs on a per square foot basis. 100 sq ft is called one roofing “square” and most often, the average residential rooftop does not exceed 1500-3000 sqft.

A lot of people are unaware that you don’t have to replace your entire roof when it starts to leak or just shows signs of wear because there’s no need for major renovation as long as we’re talking about surface damage near seams in the shingle coating


Your contractor needs to be able to access this sensitive area if he will be tearing off old materials for replacement with new ones; they need competent equipment like ladders and safety harnesses in order to ensure safe installation without any damage done.

Roof accessibility has two benefits: making sure the job can get done safely while minimizing unsightly mess left around afterwards by removing necessary tools such as ladders beforehand when needed so there are no hazards on site during work hours.

Landscaping surrounding your home can make replacing your roof much more challenging. To access the hard-to-reach area of your home’s exterior for repairs and replacements, you’ll first need to get over the fence or past those shrubs. It will take more time if there isn’t a solid ground close to that point on your property, as opposed to roofs, where getting up close is as simple as walking outside onto pavement from one’s front door!

The longer it takes your installer to install shingles, the less time they have available for other jobs. This can potentially stretch out a roof replacement by an entire day or more if there are many roofs lined up in their queue.

The long hours and hard work of installing new asphalt shingle on top of old ones could actually make your next job take even longer than expected!

Dense urban areas, with other houses very close to your home, can make it difficult for even the bravest of roofers.

The weather

The weather can cause problems with your roof replacement, and it may not be completed properly if it rains, snows, gets too cold, or gets too hot.

The weather has an impact on both the length of time it takes to re-roof and when you can do it. If rain is forecasted, the roof replacement will be postponed until the rainy day has passed.

If it pours on the day of your re-roofing, for example, the job will have to be postponed until the weather improves. If it rains while the roofer is working, they will stop working,, cover your home with a tarp and resume work when the weather permits. The replacement process takes a little longer because of the bad weather.

The way asphalt shingles stick and seal might be affected by cold temperatures. When the air and surface temperatures are at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, extra caution should be exercised when handling and/or installing asphalt shingles.

Time of year

Roofers are notorious for the long hours they work, but don’t necessarily want to do it in darkness. That’s why March can be a big month roofers – not only is Daylight Saving Time over and people start thinking about getting their roofs replaced before summer sets in with its hotter sun and more severe storms, but also because those extra daylight hours allow installers to get as much done on your home during that time when most of us would rather stay inside anyway!

The earlier the sun goes down in the winter, the less productivity there is. It’s probable that getting your re-roofing done will add an additional day during this time.

Historical Significance of Home

Older homes are a prized possession in any city. These buildings can be listed as historical landmarks, which means the building and its property must maintain both their structural integrity and historic significance for many years to come.

Some older homes have become so cherished that they’re declared protected by being put on the National Register of Historic Places or designated local landmark status-meaning owners will need additional time and care with how these structures age over time.

You may think a roof is just something you can replace without any hassle. But with old, historical homes that have certain requirements for replacement depending on the regulations in your area, it’s not always as simple as it seems to be!

Structural Damage

A roof replacement can be a quick process. However, if there is structural damage to the decking below or other elements of the home need repair first, it will take much longer than just replacing shingles. Sometimes, insurance can cover your roof costs.

in conclusion

So a short answer to the question is that installing a new roof can take anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks depending on all these factors. We make all the effort to give you an estimated time to complete the reroofing at the time we give you the estimate.

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