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How to Know When to Replace a Roof?
Periodically, a roof will reach the end of its lifespan without causing a roofing disaster. It simply appears to be old and worn, and you are performing routine maintenance on your property. Repairs will be less effective as a roof gets older. You can keep repairing a roof, but it will just cost you more […]
Can I afford to install a new roof?
Can I afford to install a new roof?
Advanced Roofing and Remodeling understands that thinking about your expensive project like roof replacement is, if you can't afford it is distressing. Even though there are instances when you can afford to save and budget for a large renovation, that isn't always the case with a roof replacement.Even if you haven't had the chance to put money aside for […]
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How long does a new roof takes to be installed?
You are in need of a new roof, you figured out the financial part and got several estimates from roofing professionals like Advanced Roofing and Remodeling. I’m sure your next question is how long does a new roof takes to be installed?This question have several answers based on a few factors like the complexity of […]
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Does my roof need to be replaced or just repaired?
Should I replace my roof or should I repair it?The dilemma of repairing or replacing roof shingles is a common one among homeowners, and the solution is based on the age and current state of your roofing. If there are signs of an older roof, such as algae or black stains on the asphalt shingles, growth moss on the […]